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Dear Real Estate Agent, 

Are you a real estate agent doing 25 or more deals a year? Do you have goals to do any more but don't know how to get there?

Or maybe you're currently leading a team where the success of the team is 100% dependent upon your own production?

My name is Chris Watters and since I began my career as a real estate agent serving Austin Texas, I've achieved extraordinary goals in record-breaking time.

After revising my business in 2012, I achieved my goal of netting over $1 million in just three years. After blowing past that goal, I've consistently produced in excess of $100 million in sales volume for each of the last three years. In doing so I’ve built a scalable real estate team -- the success of which is NOT dependent on me being the top producer or working 80 hours each week. I’ve transitioned from working IN the business to working ON the business.

I recently wrote a book, The Million Dollar Real Estate Team. My book tells the story of how I grew a highly profitable real estate team and specifically dives into how to sell more houses with fewer agents and without the pains of owning a traditional real estate brokerage.
There is a good chance that you have worked with various real estate coaching companies who are specialists in specific areas but, for whatever reason, did not help you take your business to the level you were expecting.

And you’ve probably spent tens of thousands of dollars on flights, food, and hotels to visit various brokerages and attend coaching seminars or training events across the country. You hope to learn how to build a real estate business that continues to function whether or not you’re in the office. Your goal is to build a profitable, sellable real estate business; so that one day you’ll be paid for what you own-- not what you do.

One obstacle that keeps most agents from building a killer real estate business is an inability to make the shift from an agent to an owner. It is a mindset problem.

As for so many agents, every time you try to scale, you burn through cash and it’s one step forward and two steps back. You keep starting over, doing all the work again and again.

So you don’t know what steps to take, or what order to successfully build up your team? That’s ok because you are not alone! There are about a million real estate agents who sell within the United States. One-third of them leave the business within the first year. 80% of them are gone within the first three years, and less than 100 teams sell more than 500 homes a year.
If you’re interested in the team model and you’re looking to scale up, get ready to deal with the unpredictability of future income, the not knowing what your team is up to when you’re out selling, the baffling array of systems to set up and hundreds of questionable vendors to choose from. You don’t know what lead generation systems are going to provide a good return for your marketing dollars. You then decide to place a lot of the hard earned money you’ve worked for into marketing that doesn’t get you the leads you need.

You will probably have unsatisfied customers that leave negative reviews on sites like Yelp because you weren’t there to help them when they needed you. That’s because you weren’t able to lead your team correctly. This leads to burnout. With the weight of the world lying heavy upon your shoulders, you’re doing so much work and dealing with so many people -- and at the end of the day, you’re not that profitable.

A side effect of this poor planning is that you’ll probably have to stay in production as the rainmaker until the day you die. This can lead you to be the person who’s 75 years old, still knocking on doors trying to sell real estate. (That’s fine if you want to be that guy/gal. Most of us would like to retire at some point.) 

Again, I’m Chris Watters, and I’m currently a real estate brokerage owner running my business with the team model. The team model means everyone has their role and responsibilities in a transaction and on the team. It’s not a team filled with a bunch of agents who are a jack-of-all-trades doing any and everything -- with varying degrees of expertise.

I’m here because I’d like to offer you something different than the typical broker offers real estate agents. I’d like to offer you a franchise solution. My franchise isn’t just about lending you my brand or a giving you a handbook and saying “Good luck out there!" We’re going to coach you how to scale quickly and get more market share while creating a profitable business that’s sellable. A franchise that will make you money regardless if you’re in the office, or not.

When you purchase a Watters International Realty franchise – you’re going to get specific, actionable items to scale up on an abbreviated timeline. So, when it comes to tools, built by people who have done it themselves -- that’s us!
We’re going to show you everything we do so you can literally copy and implement everything we’ve done in our successful Texas markets. And we will personally help you tailor the system to the needs and nuances of your market.

It’s a full ‘Brokerage Box’ solution with support for owners and systems training for agents and staff.

I’d like to invite you on a personal call with me, so we can just talk about some of the struggles and challenges you’re currently facing so we can see where you’re at versus where you want to go.
On that call, we’ll also go into depth about how our success coaching works, and you’ll hear from experts like myself and my business partner Bradley Pounds, who have helped to build an efficient, profitable team model.

We have an entire online training university which focuses on everything from business coaching for team owners to sales training for your agents and ISAs so that you can launch quickly and roll out a proven, repeatable training program on Day One. We want it to be easy to get your team up to speed, rather than reinventing the wheel every time you onboard a new agent.

That’s why we created our Online Role Play Gym -- think pickup basketball for agent role play. In our moderated role play time blocks, we’ll have your agents run scripts, objection handlers and closers to help them build confidence on the phone, quickly and efficiently.

So, do you want a profitable business that runs whether you’re in the office or not? Do you want the freedom to choose the ways you will be involved in your business, or maybe not even be involved at all after it’s completely built out?

This is a real opportunity. I’ve done it myself.  

Now, as you’re on Google and you’re searching for different real estate franchises, there are a couple of alternatives. You can buy a big box franchise such as, Keller Williams, RE/MAX and Century 21 -- all of which are wonderful solutions.

But your main priority (and the only priority) would be to recruit real estate agents by the hundreds. By obscuring the fact that your value proposition is quite low to get those agents through the door, you’ll have to accept massive and continual turnover.
There’s a lot of competition. Silicon Valley has a lot of money invested in coming after the independent real estate contractors. You can also just continue to pay for coaching -- an expensive monthly fee for the same advice you’ve always gotten without the real support and execution that you would get in-depth, day in and day out with the right franchise.

So, I want to make you an offer. Let us help you scale your business with a proven step by step approach. Through coaching, training, tools, accountability, we’ll help you reach your goals with a Watters International Realty franchise.

So, I suggest that before you renew your coaching contract, we talk. The Franchise fee is $15,000 -- one time. That’s equivalent to a single year of a coaching fee, along with a flexible ongoing royalty, which is typical for any franchise so we can provide the coaching support and systems for you to grow. 

Down below is a form where I’d like you to request a consultation with me.

You’ll speak directly with me. Let's just spend an hour discussing your business, your frustrations, your market, your agents, your team, the homes you're selling -- and I’ll honestly tell you if I think a real estate team even makes sense for where you’re at and what you’re looking to do.

Right after you speak with me and take a thorough assessment of your business, we’ll invite you down to our office in Austin, Texas for two weeks, and we’ll personally teach you all of our systems, processes and begin the work on just simply implementing everything.
You'll get to join a community of all other Franchise Owners who all have a dedicated Success Coach, someone who has experience, who will help guide you and keep you on track to achieve your objectives.

You’ll also get a whole marketing package that’s ready to go, copy and paste courtesy of Watters International Realty, and your team can just log in to the online training platform for sales instruction whenever they want – to continuously train on converting listings, recruiting agents, etc.

If you request a strategy call with me, as a sign of our appreciation, I will mail you a free copy of my book because, after we speak, you’re going to want to know the exact systems you will be implementing.

Again, we do not sell coaching. We will only offer you a Franchise. Why? Because we know the average coaching relationship lasts anywhere from 12-18 months. To build a successful real estate team, you’re going to need guidance beyond that, coaching that is much more in-depth, actionable and relevant for what you’re looking to grow and build.

I invite you to request a call with me, let’s talk about what a Real Estate Franchise looks like and how this is the best option for you and your business!
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